TES-2620 True RMS Multimeter

Category: Multimeter
Voltage (AC/DC)
Range 400m/4/40/400/750V(AC)/1000V(DC)
Accuracy DC - 0.5% rdg + 1dgt
AC - 1.2% rdg + 5dgts
Resolution 0.1mV
Overload Protection DC 1100V & AC 800V
Ohms (Resistance)
Range 400 W /4K W /40K W /400K W /4M W /40M W
Accuracy 0.75% rdg + 3 dgts
Resolution 100m W
Overload Protection 600Vrms (Also for continuity & Diode, ADP)
Max Open Circuit Voltage 0.5VDC
Continuity Beeper
Operation Resistance below 40 W
Max Open Circuit Voltage 0.5V
Diode: Resolution 1mV
Max Open Circuit Voltage 3V
Current (AC/DC)
Range 4m/40m/400m/20A
Accuracy DC - 1% rdg + 1dgt
AC - 1.5% rdg + 5dgts
Resolution 1 μA
Overload Protection 1.3V
Frequency (Hz)
Range 100Hz/1KHz/10KHz/100KHz/500KHz
Accuracy 0.1% rdg + 2 dgts
Resolution 0.01Hz
Sensitivity 100mV/1V/10V
Sampling Rate 20 times/sec of Bar-graph indication
2 times/sec of digital display
Power Source 2 pcs of "AA" 1.5V Battery
Dimensions, Weight: 184(L) x 82(W) x 42(H)mm,
Approx. 375g
Accessories Test leads, Spare fuse 0.5A/250V Battery, Instruction manual


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